I would use Alvi Armani again and truly believe their results speak for themselves.


I made the mistake of getting a procedure without doing my homework and had an unsatisfactory result with Bosley when I was younger. So this time I had to do it right. I took my time and read up on Hair Restoration. I started doing my research on a few hairloss forums and I found that the Alvi Armani Clinic came up again and again as the best hairline clinic in the business.

I found Alvi Armani's hairloss forum and started asking the basic questions. Once I learned all about the FUE technique and the in's and out's of the Armani Clinic I contacted them and sent my photos in for an online evaluation.

I not only had my hairline done, but the top as well. Here is a good comparison showing the difference.

My journey

I first had a small procedure from Bosley at the age of 22, only 400 graphs which was a mistake in my opinion. I wish they would have provided good advice and recommended I wait until I could get at least 2000 graphs for that first procedure. The scar was terrible and the results not much better, but what can one really expect with only 400 graphs.

After a couple of years and a lot of research, I decided to have my second procedure with the Alvi Armani clinc. The procedure was for 2,500 grafts and I am very pleased with the results. The density was very good and the hairline natural.

In fact no one I have met since this procedure has ever noticed I have had anything done. I also had FUE done this time instead of strip and I will say that the recovery time was much faster. With the new FUE technique they did not have to do all the cutting in the back like my first procedure.

I would use the Alvi Armani clinic again and truly believe their results speak for themselves.

The best part

It's not just a physical transformation but a mental one as well, it's a complete restoration of the soul and the body. Or at least thats how I currently feel compared to before. My confidence is back and it shows in my personal life, and especially my professional life.

Here is a photo of my Alvi Armani Hairline close up

Monday, August 3, 2009

Before photos

Below I have posted all of my photos documenting my entire transformation. Starting with my Before photos, then my Post Operative photos showing where all the grafts were placed and how I was healing, then my 3 month photos to show how I was coming along, and finally my 6 month photos to show how my follicular unit hair transplant progress and how far I have come!!

Post Operative Photos

Here are my photos a few days after the procedure. You can see where they placed all the grafts and how he created my hairline. You can also see in the top over view photo how far back he went with the grafts, it should give me excellent coverage all over!! Job well done by the staff!

3 Month Photos

Here are my 3 month photos. As you can see I grew a beard to disguise that I had any work done. Ha. It seems to have worked, people seem to notice I look different but they can't quite tell what. At this point things are already coming in very well. My hairline outline has come in, I no long have the V shape going on and the recessed temples have filled in. I am liking what I'm seeing so far....

6 Month Photos

Here are my 6 month photos. The growth has come in very fast over the last two month, my hair seems toi get thicker and fuller every day. My hairline is absolutely perfect. It frames my face just how I want it and looks as if I never had any problem with my hair. I mean look at me, you would never know I was a guy who had MPB and a recessed hairline just 6 months ago!!!

1 Year after Photos

Here are some more photos of how my hair currently looks. My hairline is simply perfect, I can't really put it any simplier then this. All of these photos were taken by myself in my own apartment, no gel or styling product. I wanted to provide the realest photos I could to show everyone my true result.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Why Didn’t I Pick Alvi Armani Before!

A decade ago, I was enthusiastic about my FUT surgery – but not so much after the procedure. I will not blame the doctor but my results were just uninspiring. I needed more hair over my scalp and that scar just had to go.

Then I began my search 5 and half years ago. I noticed FUE became more common and only a few names were popular in that area. I chose Alvi Armani because of its fame across United States.

It turned out to be right decision as my hairs reached almost 100% in just a year and a half. Thank you AA.

My Blog

I built this website not only to show off my result that I am very proud of, but I am hoping it will help other hairloss sufferers learn more about hair transplants and help people realize that there IS something that can be done about your hairloss.

Six months ago I would have never thought a simple procedure like this could have changed my life the way it did, but it has! There is hope for you as well...